Name: Valerite Zorro (Imp UK)


Nicknames: Frostis
Titels: LP 1
Dates: born 2005-07-20  died 2009-07-21
Registration number: S15512/2006
Hip status: AA
Size: 62 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Coliur DNA Code BBEe - Does not carry the brown gene. Carries the black, brown, cream, white, red and apricot genes
KBKB - Cannot produce fawn or brindle
Best reward: Tug-a-war and playing
Best toy: The penguin
Likes: Training and playing
Favorite training: Tracking

Frost came on a visit to us in november -06. We fell head over heals in love with this charming silverboy. When so Tobias, Marikas husband, allergies increased we were given the opportunity and the huge confidence to let Frost come and live with us. Thank You Marika for the trust and the confidence that you allowed Frost to come and live with us!

Frost was Fredriks first dog and together they trained and competed in various things but mostly obidience, tracking and retrieverhunting. Sometimes agility, trix and other things. Frost started competing in november 2007 and he had three first prises in obedience class one and was competing in class two.  He was competing in trackingclass two out of four. Frost passed away to soon and he will forever live on within our hearts and never be forgotten.


Swed. Obedience Champion

Swed. Show Champion

Approved Mentaldescription (Gunsteady)

Cert 2

1:a price class IV


LP Elit=3x 1 first prices Obedinceclass IV

Cert 1

1:a price class IV

Excellent (Sweden & Finland)

LP 3=3x 1 first prices Obedinceclass III


Start class IV

LP 2=3x 1 first prices Obedinceclass II

Start level 4

1:a price class III

CK (Norway)

LP 1= 3x 1 first prices Obedinceclass I

Up to level 4

Start class III

1:a Íkl/bkl

Swed.Championand approved. for tracking wounded wild animals

Approved level III

1:a price class II

1:a Ukl

1:a price Open class

Up to level III

Start klass II

1:a price jnclass

1:a pris Open class

Approved level II

1:a price class I

HP puppyclass

Start Open class

Approved level I

Start class I


Approved  first class

Start level I



Start first class bloodtracking


Lemerle Remington Steele

Lemerle Silk Comedian Of Keja

Maestoso's Comic Relief

Lemerle Fine Silk

Lemerle French Eclair

Mardi Gras Kiyara Different Drummer

Lemerle French Silk

Valerite Dazzling Silver

Kertellas Exciting Action At Tazmit

Somanic Shangrilah

Heard The Rumour At Kossab

Valerite Got The Blues

Valerite The One And Only

Valerite Wears Blue Velvet

Frost passed away 2009-07-21
We miss you so much...